Welcome to L & L Film Productions!

We are a Brisbane-based production company specialising in creative business content.

L & L is co-founded by Lauren and Leticia.

We are a passionate young company who pride ourselves on a personal touch to our projects and unique perspective on narrative.

Let’s produce raw, meaningful content!



We focus strongly on community funded events, non-for-profit’s and online promotional videos.

We are passionate about our fellow locals and about what makes their business unique to them.

Our specialty is working with your business to create meaningful and effective content.

We want to develop videos which have a lasting impact on your audience. View our previous work here!


As well as a functioning film production business L & L believe that the values and beliefs of a company are equally important. As a part of our dedication to working with non-for-profit businesses we also put our efforts into promoting gender equality within the Film and TV industry. We believe in setting an example for our younger peers and leading the industry by challenging it’s perceptions.

As a part of the new generation in Australia we strongly believe in our responsibility to a sustainable and eco-friendly future. We have partnered with the ECOBIZ program in order to raise awareness within the industry about working towards a less wasteful future. While this may only mean small changes for us now – we envision one day leading the film industry in Australia towards a more sustainable future.